iMX6 Rex Memory Calibration

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Disclaimer of caution

This procedure is intended for manufacturing use only and should be never applied for shipped iMX6 Rex Modules.


Memory calibration procedure consists of following steps:

  • Short BOOT_MODE (JP2) jumper on iMX6 Rex Base Board
  • Connect USB_OTG port to host PC utilizing microUSB-USB cable
  • Power on iMX6 Rex Development Kit
  • Execute DDR Stress Tester at host PC using command line
  • Configure DDR Stress Tester and calibrate memory
  • Remove BOOT_MODE jumper
  • Power off iMX6 Rex Development Kit


  • micro USB cable
  • 12V 1A Power supply
  • iMX6 Rex Module and Base Board
  • PC controlling the test
  • DDR Stress Tester 2.52 application


Stress tester v2.52 (Ultra)

  • 4GB RAM - DDR_Stress_Tester_V2.52_Imx6Rex/script/voipac/

Example of operation

iMX6 Rex-DDR Test Tool.png