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Voipac provides multiple sources of support and customer care. Primarily it includes extensive information presented on these Wiki section pages. Multiple datasheets, drawings and user guides helpful during debugging and troubleshooting stage are stored in the download section. Advanced support helping with custom hardware and software development is also available.

This section describes e-mail free-of-charge support and warranty claims of the Voipac modules and products. Warranty claim report template can be downloaded from here and send to warranty.claim@voipac.com. All other inquires dedicated to product support can be emailed to support@voipac.com.

To validate the problem, to respond and help with the issue more efficiently, please provide as much as possible of the following information:

  • name of the module and its serial number
  • problem's subject
  • short description of the issue
  • software release and version (link to the binaries are helpful)
  • setting and customization done on the board
  • additional accessories used during the problem's duration
  • attach log files and setup pictures
  • what is the expected outcome
  • does the problem occur even when fresh official binaries have been used?
  • steps to reproduce the issue
  • additional notes and information

Report example:

  • Product numbers:
    • iMX8M Industrial Module Pro
      P/N: iMX8M-IDM-22221-101-11111
      S/N: 00018

      Note: The easiest way how to obtain the module's product and serial numbers is to scan the QR code placed on the top side.
      iMX8M Industrial Module Pro-QR code scan.jpg
    • iMX8M Development Baseboard
      P/N: iMX8M-IDB-00000-002-00000
      S/N: 00030

      Note: The easiest way how to obtain the baseboard's product and serial numbers is to scan the QR code placed on the bottom side.
      iMX8M Development Baseboard-QR code scan.jpg
  • DisplayPort failed to send the video stream
  • The development kit fails to initialize the video output. No GUI interface is shown.
  • Binaries used:
  • Board special settings:
    Device tree selected for DisplayPort option
  • Accessories:
    Display monitor Philips 243V7QJABF with DisplayPort connected to the development kit
  • Supported files:
    boot log provided in an attached file with pictures of the setup
  • Expected behaviour:
    To play the video stream on the DisplayPort monitor
  • Fresh binaries:
    yes, the problem persists even if the binaries are flashed again
  • Steps to reproduce:
    • update the binaries and device tree
    • connect the monitor
    • boot up the board
  • Additional info:
    During the start-up of Linux, the monitor shortly wakes up and after few moments is returned to standby.