iMX6 Rex Basic Recovery

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The recovery procedure consists of following steps:

  • Loading bootloader binary over USB OTG interface
  • Flashing bootloader over Ethernet
  • Erasing bootloader environment
  • Resetting module

Recommended Software

  • Mfg tool
  • Serial adapter with terminal application
  • TFTP server
  • DHCP server (optional)


Updating bootloader

Download U-Boot image:

cd /srv/tftp/imx6/

Use the downloaded file to update the bootloader:

setenv ipaddr
setenv serverip

mw.b 0x10800000 0xFF 0x80000;if tftp 0x10800000 imx6/u-boot-imx6-rexbasic-2.4.imx; then if sf probe 2:2; then sf erase 0x0 0x80000;sf write 0x10800000 0x400 0x7fc00; fi; fi

Creating bootable SD card

Follow these steps to prepare the SD card