i.MX53 SODIMM PC Changing MAC Address

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MAC address (indicated on the label of the module) is written in E-Fuses for permanently identifying modules. This page shows a possibility of changing its value using Barebox.

MAC address changing procedure

Stop autoboot and start editing the config file:

edit env/config

i.MX25 SODIMM PC-Development Kit-Editing config.png

Scroll down to the last line where the current MAC address is defined:
i.MX25 SODIMM PC-Development Kit-Old address.png

Update the MAC address. To exit the editor and save the changes, press Ctrl + D:
i.MX25 SODIMM PC-Development Kit-New address.png

Save the Barebox environment:


i.MX25 SODIMM PC-Development Kit-Saving environment.png

To check if the new MAC address was saved, cat env/config can be used to view the configuration file. Alternatively DHCP negotiation process shows the actual MAC of the device:

barebox@Voipac VMX53:/ dhcp